R packages

  • RATest: A collection of randomization tests. Current version implements a permutation test for testing the continuity of the baseline covariates in RDD. (Joint with Mauricio Olivares-Gonzalez)

    Brackground paper: Canay and Kamat (2017)

    Description: This version of RATest package implements the approximate permutation test proposed by Canay and Kamat (2017) for testing the null hypothesis of continuity of the distribution of the baseline covariates at the cutoff in the Regression Discontinuity Design (RDD). We revisit the construction of permutation tests in general, and their properties under the approximate group invariance in particular. We illustrate these ideas and the proposed package in the context of the RDD of Lee (2008).

Data Visualization Apps

  • Crime hotspots

    The objective is to map out crime hot spots in different cities across the US where crime data is available. Crime does not spread uniformly accross cities. On the contrary, it tends to cluster in some areas or neighbourhoods and be absent in others. Areas where crime is more concentrated are oftenly referred to as hot spots. There exist multiple ways to try to detect these areas. In this app I identify crime hotspots using a bivariate density estimation strategy. For more on crime hot spots the interested reader is encouraged to visit the National Institute of Justice web site on Hot Spot Policing

  • State and Regional Employment Indicators for Argentina (In Spanish)

Sarmiento Barbieri

University of Illinois